Getting started in Vienna: German certificate

To help ease you into your journey of studying in Austria as a foreign student, we will provide some helpful guides on application processes to the various schools in Vienna. In this article, we will look at the required proof of German language skills.

To study at one of Vienna’s Universities in a Bachelor program, you will have to proof that you are at least at level A2 in German. This goes especially for the three biggest Universities in Vienna, the Wu, TU and the Uni Wien. There are many Master programs that are offered in English, but let’s look at the ways to get a German certificate first.

If you have graduated from a German-language school or have a degree in German, you don’t need a certificate. The accepted variations here are:

  • Graduation from a German-language school abroad, where courses are taught in German and the exams are in German
  • Graduation in the subject German at a school of an EU/EEA country
  • Graduation in the subject German in an Bachelor’s Diploma
  • Graduation from a study program of at least 2 years at a recognized post-secondary educational institution (college, etc.) where the teaching and examination language is German

↑ These are valid for unlimited time. If you get a certificate, you have to make sure it’s not older than two years. So if you graduated a German-language high school abroad or studied German in University or College you’re good.

Most people will simply have to get a A2 certificate.

The most convenient ways in our opinion to get the A2 certificate is with these providers: (site only in German)

They each have partners all over the world so you might be able to do the test at home before you even apply to the University. You can check out if there is an exam center near you on the respective websites.

Again, if you already have a certificate, make sure it is not older than two years, otherwise it will not be accepted!