Getting started in Vienna: Finding a place to live

Finding a place to stay can be hard in Vienna. Some people stay in hostels after their arrival and then start to look at flats. To avoid that, you can apply for a dorm in advance. Usually, you have to apply at least a semester beforehand to get a spot. The dorms in Vienna are not actually connected to the Universities, they are (usually) independent housing programs. Prices for dorms range from about 170 Euros up to as much as 650 Euros. There are various models from double rooms to dorms where you have your own little kitchen and bathroom. The rooms are usually furnished with the basics, so you don’t have to bring anything yourself. Many of the dorms in Vienna are really nice places and you will have an easy time meeting new people and making friends.

In a flat, the average price per square meter in Vienna is approximately 5,50€ (average out of the district’s 2-21), except for the 1 st District, where it’s around 14,79. In general, if you are looking to share a flat, in an online search you would look for “Wg Wien”. The
term “Wg” means Wohngemeinschaft, which is “flatsharing”. There are various sites online and also a few Facebook groups where people are looking for roommates (some German knowledge will help you navigate those sites). Popular ones are,, and .How it usually works with flatsharing is that you send a message to the people that are looking for a roommate where you introduce yourself and tell them a little about yourself. If they like you, they will invite you to get to know them and look at the apartment. If you get along well, they will invite you to move in with them. The rooms are usually not furnished (but your future roommates will show you what is already in the apartment when you look at it).